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Assessor Office Property Inspections:

Vital For Fair Valuations

Welcome to the Quincy Assessors' property inspection website! Conducting a property inspection is core to assessing and helps ensure fair property valuations.  Learn how assessors use property data , see what happens during a property inspection, meet our data collectors, discover where property inspections will occur in the coming months, schedule an appointment, or contact us directly to learn more. We thank you for helping us ensure your property values are fair and equitable!
Why Inspect?

Wondering why we are asking to inspect your home?

If you're visiting this website, you probably received a notice that the Assessors' Office would like to schedule a property inspection. Want to understand why a property inspection is so important? This short video will explain!
Property Inspection

What does a property inspection entail?

Let us show you! Click on the steps sequentially to walk through a property inspection and learn what a data collector reviews as they verify your property's information.

1. The Front Door

An inspection always starts at the front door. Learn how to identify our friendly data collectors.


2. The Interior Inspection

When conditions allow, a property inspection generally starts inside.


3. The Exterior Inspection

Once the inside is done, the inspector moves outside.


4. Outbuildings and Features

Sheds, detached garages, and other features are the last things verified by the data collector.


Meet the Data Collectors

Learn more about our data collectors so they're not strangers!

Need to Schedule an Inspection?

No problem! Please review the letter or notice you received and select the type of inspection you require below.
Want to check your current property data before scheduling? Click here.
Confused? We're happy to help! Give us a call at 617-213-0286.
Cyclical Property Inspection
Sale Verification Property Inspection
Building Permit Property Inspection
Abatement Inspection
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